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Time for quiet


for some downtime?

With shorter days, longer nights, and rainy or cold

weather, winter is a perfect time to change things up

and find a new rhythm.

Sure, snowy slopes beckon the skiers among us.

But who can resist the draw of hot cocoa in front of a

warm, crackling fire?

Do you find yourself slowing down, spending

more time indoors? We might not hibernate like

some creatures during the winter. But deep down,

we know there’s value in these cold-weather months.

Winter gives us permission to do things we don’t

usually have time for during the rest of the year.

Make time to do something for every part of you.

Here are a few ideas:


Try some floor exercises or other indoor

activities to keep strong and fit. At mealtime, go easy

on comfort foods and load up on veggies.


Finish an old knitting project or learn a

new craft. Clean out your photo or computer files.

Test your skills with a crossword puzzle. Or give in to

the wildly popular adult coloring trend.


Spend a fewminutes meditating or praying.

Call a friend for a quick chat—especially if he or she is

homebound. You’ll lift his or her spirits and your own.

In every season, PeaceHealth is here for you and

your neighbors—working to help you live long and

strong. Read on for encouragement and inspiration

in working together to advance good health in our


How do you stay healthy in the winter?

Post your tip on our Facebook page at



Winter is the time for

comfort, for good food and

warmth, for the touch of

a friendly hand, and for a

talk beside the fire: It is the

time for home.

—Edith Sitwell

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

PeaceHealth Medical Group

PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center Foundation

Winter 2017